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    I entrust you the millet! – as you can hear this phrase within the Hungarian folk-tale when the farmer trusts the produce to his son. The crop means responsibility for us, it is a thankful duty that we do by heart in a way as our father taught us and we will improve and bequeath this knowledge to our sons – in the future.

    Our company has started as a family business at Újfehértó in 1993, but that time our company’s main profile was the packaging and distribution of dried pulses. Our company’s products mainly contains the crops of Hungarian manufacturers. We still buy the yellow peas, the sunflower and the walnut from Hungarian raisers. Moreover, we broadened our portfolio with numerous finesses of the world that arises several connections with suppliers from out of Europe.
    We can conquer the Hungarian market, moreover, the foreign markets with our Hungarian processed products as everyone welcomes our continuously expanding, innovative product offers and the permanent high quality of our goods. The perfection of our products was rewarded with numerous awards: we are proud of our Wellnut product line, our extruded corn products and our confectionery filling goods as we have been awarded the Hungarian Product and the Annual Product award due to them.
    The awards and high regards of our products are also an appreciation of our quality assurance and logistical system as we apply the IFS food safety and quality management system within our factory. The application of these systems helps our products to appear not only in the smaller food shops but in every huge food retailer chains as PACO products and also as private label products.
    We are not only amongst the first choice within the retail sector but we are also a determining supplier of the gastronomic sector such as restaurant chains, communal caterers and different kitchens.
    The focus of our developments are the functional foods and superfoods market. We are supporting our customers to reach their healthy life goals with our products (Biopac, Bioness) that were developed for special dietary and suits to the highest expectations of the consumers. The first member of the health-care comfort product development have already gained huge success (Biopac). These feedbacks are quite important for our colleagues who participated within the process of innovation and we can say the same about our colleagues within the packaging factory or within the field of logistics.

    We are working together as a team in family atmosphere to be able to produce better quality and more delicious products that are available for most of the people, to the glory of God!

    Cím: 4244 Újfehértó, Szent István út 144
    Tel: +36 42 290 177
    Fax: +36 42 290 177