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    • Lentil soup

      Lentil soup

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    • Strudel with PACO poppy seeds filling

      Strudel with PACO poppy seeds filling

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    • Chili con carne for gourmets

      Chili con carne for gourmets

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    • Letcho



      • 2 tbs olive oil
      • 1 bigger onion
      • 1 medium sized paprika
      • 2 medium sized tomato
      • 1 smaller courgette
      • 50 g Paco millet
      • 1 tsp gound paprika
      • salt


      After you cut all the onions, you put them in an already heated pan that contains olive oil and stir the onions until it gets soft and translucent. After this step, you should cut the paprika into squares and slice the tomatoes, then put them in the pot, season them with ground paprika and stir them together with the onions. When you stirred them well, you should put the sliced courgettes in the pot, pour a bit of water to the vegetables and leave them to stew over a low heat. 

      If you want to reach the best condition of the millet, you should put the double amount of water in a pot than the millet and leave them boil over a low heat. Be careful here because you should cook the millet just until it is half ready because you will cook the millet ready with the vegetables. After you think it is half ready, you should place the millet to the vegetables, stir them together and leave them become ready together.


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