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    We are working together as a team in family atmosphere to be able to produce better quality and more delicious products that are available for most of the people, to the glory of God!

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    You can find all of our products in the webshop, from every product lines to all the dry goods we have whether you are looking for small packages or gastropods

    We are proud of our recognitions and classifications that have been rewarded to us during the years and we are happy to share with you within the Recognitions menu item.

    We want you to know about our products that have been recently discounted and you can reach them via the button below, moreover, you can easily find these products in our webshop as well.

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    We really appreciate our partners who help us to grow, so we created a page where you can find the closest retailer to your home that makes you able to buy our quality products in order to cook delicious and healthy food.

    Be up to date about the happenings around PACO. We share every interest and news about our products and company that you can reach via the button below.


    Please feel free to get in touch with us, we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

    Cím: 4244 Újfehértó, Szent István út 144
    Tel: +36 42 290 177
    Fax: +36 42 290 177